Frequently asked questions


What are the shipping costs?

Our trees are shipped carefully and quickly to avoid damage. Your tree will be shipped at lowest cost from the US zip code 30276.

How will my tree be shipped?

We ship with UPS or FedEx to get your trees to you as quickly as possible and package your trees carefully to prevent any damage.

Can I pick up my tree?

YES! If you live around Georgia, we are more than happy to waive shipping costs if you'd like to pick up your tree in person! Please contact us and we can arrange this!

Does Wired Bonsai sell starter trees?

No, unfortunately, all of our trees are specimen trees which require more expert care. If you are interested in getting started in Bonsai, please contact us or The Atlanta Bonsai Society and we can help you find a community and more information!

Do you ship internationally?
We do not ship internationally at this time.